Hardware and Software Management

IT Asset Management

As part of our Unlimited IT Support Model, ATS will provide an audit of your company’s IT Assets. Managing IT inventory helps your company utilize the assets it already has more effectively. Many companies make unnecessary purchases because they don’t have a clear inventory of hardware assets and software licenses. ATS can develop policies and processes that will help manage your company’s assets moving forward.

IT Procurement Services

ATS can offer the strategic and administrative support to get your staff and office furnished with the tools they need. Procuring IT equipment involves research, requesting quotes and proposals, and managing supplier relationships. ATS handles those efforts for you plus gets the best rates with our existing partnerships.

Authorized Hardware and Software Reseller

ATS is an authorized reseller for several hardware and software brands. We can help businesses obtain new IT equipment at discounted prices.

License Management

Businesses spend money every year on licenses for the software they use. Without proper management, businesses can be fined. ATS can help you track licenses purchased, deployed, archived and expired.

Accounting Software Specialists

ATS also has a team that specializes in accounting software. ATS can help with customization, training, on-going program support, and installation of software and upgrades. The ATS team can help with workflow optimization and reporting to maximize the value of your software package.

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